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WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is the world’s largest professional wrestling and sports entertainment corporation, with origins dating back to 1963 with the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWF).



Welcome to the Internet’s most exhaustive World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) betting guide! WWE is the world’s largest professional wrestling and sports entertainment corporation, with roots dating back to 1963.


Because to their success in the ring, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and others have become household names, and some have even found success in Hollywood.

Commonly Requested Information


Can You Place Bets on WWE?

Yes. Although though match outcomes are set, they are tightly guarded secrets, and a conclusion is never guaranteed on a live performance. This creates an element of uncertainty, which is why many sportsbooks provide wagering options.


Is WWE Considered to be a Sport?

It wasn’t until the 1990s that WWE shifted from a largely sports-oriented format to a more entertainment-oriented one with larger-than-life personalities. Since then, a greater balance between the two has emerged.


The pseudo-sport consists of a series of athletic performances done by athletes with world-class training. Nonetheless, the matches are predetermined by creative teams like to television writers’ rooms that construct plotlines.


Are WWE Wins Predetermined?

Yes. Backstage, producers collaborate with athletes to organize their bouts. Nonetheless, it is a long-standing custom among the profession to keep results confidential. Although while NDAs can be enforced, it has been known for anonymous sources to leak information to wrestling news websites.


Yet, choices are frequently modified or altered right up to the last bell rings. There are external factors that can influence the outcome of a story and its protagonist.


When are the Significant WWE Events?

In January, the Royal Rumble is the first significant event of the year. Next is Wrestlemania, typically held at the beginning of April around the March Madness championship. SummerSlam is held in August, whereas Survivor Series is hosted in November, around Thanksgiving.


What are WWE’s championships?

The WWE has numerous championship belts, featuring champions for Raw and Smackdown Live on both of their broadcasts. Raw normally features the Universal, Raw Women’s, Raw Tag Team, and United States Championships. Smackdown Live normally features the WWE, Smackdown Women’s, Smackdown Tag Team, and Intercontinental Championships. Both shows include the 24/7 Championship and the Women’s Tag Team Championship.


WWE Wagering Explanation

There are a variety of ways to wager on WWE, including match outcomes, projecting future opponents, and forecasting the main event of WrestleMania months in advance.


The moneyline for an event or match permits gamblers to choose a winner or winners. In other circumstances, individuals can choose who will battle a specific wrestler at a WrestleMania-style event.


A positive figure (such as +200) indicates that the selection in question is the underdog and the amount the bettor would earn with a $100 wager. Similarly, a selection with a negative number (i.e. -150) represents a favorite, with the bettor having to wager $150 in order to win $100.


Bettors will typically see a choice between two sides, but there are instances when it’s a “Future,” such as predicting who a wrestler will feud with on the path to WrestleMania or whether The Rock or Brock Lesnar will face off at the event.


There are three formats for displaying odds: American, Fractional, and Decimal. If “American” chances on an underdog are +150, that corresponds to 3/2 “Fractional” odds and 2.50 “Decimal” odds. Various nations adopt various strategies. Here is a list of the best online sportsbooks that accept WWE wagering.

Leading WWE Wagering Events


Royal Rumble | A 30-person, over-the-top-rope battle royal, with the winner gaining a shot at the WrestleMania heavyweight championship. In 2017, WWE presented its first Royal Rumble match for women. Typically, the event kicks off the WrestleManiaseason.

Since 1985, WrestleMania has been WWE’s largest annual event, frequently referred to as the Super Bowl of professional wrestling or sports entertainment. It is the conclusion of the year’s biggest plotlines. These spectacular events have sold out football stadiums, set records, and attracted widespread interest.

| The card typically contains at least one Money in the Bank ladder match. A handful of celebrities compete to climb the ladder and get the briefcase dangling from the ceiling. The case holds a contract for a future opportunity to compete for the heavyweight championship.

SummerSlam | The second-largest WWE event of the year frequently contains the most important feuds between Raw and SmackDown.

Together with SummerSlam and WrestleMania, Survivor Series is one of the longest-running Pay-Per-View events. Teams typically compete in elimination-style bouts, with the surviving members of a team being the lone survivors.

Additional PPV Events | WWE hosts at least 12 live PPVs every year, in addition to additional PPVs for its Network. They can include, depending on the year, Hell in a Cell, Backlash, Elimination Chamber, TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Fastlane, and WWE’s developmental NXT TakeOver Network specials. In 2018, the company expanded with shows such as the first-ever women-only PPV Evolution and worldwide spectaculars. Super Showdown, Royal Rumble, and the Grand Jewel.

WWE Betting Advice Plots

Consider the story’s progression into the program. Who is made to appear strong and who is not is frequently done to confuse the spectator. For instance, if the champion is consistently beaten up on television, it is typically to cast doubt on the champion’s ability to maintain the title against the challenger.


Recognize the Competitors

Catch up on the competitors’ latest developments. As in traditional sports, keep track of who may be injured or working while injured.


There may be information available on the term of a performer’s contract or whether they are in negotiations to remain with WWE. If a player has one foot out the door, they are unlikely to receive the metaphorical “push” and win games.


Past Efficiency

Analyze historical records of past events. The record of a superstar might impact the decision of who to select for a bout or who might be the WrestleMania main event.


Similar Location

Check the city where the event will be hosted, as WWE superstars are known for losing in their home cities.


TV Appearance

Consider the current WWE scene in terms of who is receiving quality broadcast time. Such candidates rank highest in the company’s eyes. This should be considered prior to placing a wager.

Best WWE Betting Markets


Singles contests (men, women)

Tag bouts (men, women; traditional, six-person and mixed made up of men and women)

No disqualification matches

Cage fights

Elimination Room contests

Hell in a Cell boxing bouts

Battle royale contests

Royal Rumble competitions

Last man standing contests

Falls are counted in all matches.

Title conforms

War Games contests

Ladder matches

Tables correspond

Matching Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

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